About Us
Ram's Assorted Cold Storage Limited (RACSL) is the seafood processing/exports division of the Suryo Group of companies. The Suryo Group has been a pioneer in the field of shrimp exports and aquaculture in India. We are a family owned company, and have been growing and expanding our business rapidly. We believe the reason is our very high quality standards, and our dynamic professional team. We have our own shrimp hathcery, shrimp farms, shrimp feed distribution and shrimp processing units. Our vertically integrated operations enable us to offer customers complete tracebility of the product. With over 35 years in the seafood trade we offer unmatched quality and expertise. RACSL's vision is to cater to a global demand for healthy and ethically produced seafood products. We would like to achieve this by promoting sustainable aquaculture practices in India and contribute towards the development of the rural areas. 

Hatchery: Our Vannamei hatchery is located at Gopalpur on Sea, Odisha. Through our careful selection of imported broodstock from Hawai and rigorous Bio Security norms and Standard Operating Procedures, we ensure a supply of quality specific pathogen free (SPF) Post Larvae to farmers. Our Hatchery will be BAP certified by 2017. 

Farm: Our own 65 acre farm is located in Parikhi, Balasore, Odisha. We have a reputation for being the most modern and professional farmer network. Our practices are usually imitated by rest of the farming community. Our farm will be BAP certified by 2017. We also own around 300 acres near Dhamra port and we have plans to convert that patch of land into shrimp farms. 

Feed Dealership / Farmers´ Network: We sell Avanti Feed in Odisha. Apart from that we also sell Pro Biotics to farmers. We have our network of farmers to whom we provide Feed, Pro Biotics and most importantly technical guidance and support. We have a buy back arrangement with these farmers. 

Third Party Certifications:

1. British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards - A Grade
2. HACCP Certified - Verified by EIA (Export Inspection Agency of India)
3. EU Approved - EU Approval No. 335 & 370
4. FDA Approved - FDA Approval No. 11312386734 & 18983538200
5. BAP 1 Star 

History Behind the Logo:

Our brand logo is derived from the zodiac symbol of Aries. The name of the company is based on the founder Mr. Eric Ram. The company launched a brand Ram's. Ram being the name of a Hindu diety led to some complications with certain middle eastern markets (we had to convince the authorities that the brand was named after the founder, and not the Hindu diety). In 2008, we came up with the idea to incorporate the zodiac symbol of Aries (which is a ram) and hope that it would be a catchy logo. There was always the option of simply changing the company name, however to do so would mean that we would have to re-register the company properties, which would result in quite a heavy bill in terms of property taxes. Confusion still remains since people tend to read the logo as Yam's or Tam's, however we are unwilling to change it, for the simple reason that such a long story would make the brand  more memorable.

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